Paperblanks Flexis – New Softcover, Flexible Notebooks

Strong enough to stand up to everyday usage and mobile enough to go everywhere, Paperblanks Flexis are eye-catching and beautiful, yet lightweight and mobile.

What makes our Flexis Notebooks Stand out?

Book-edge printing

Pages lie flat

Satin ribbon

Back cover pouch

  • The flexible spine opens 360°, allowing the pages to lie completely flat
  • Each cover features a unique book-edge printing design
  • The paper is archival quality, which means it will not yellow or become brittle with age
  • All books come with a back cover pouch for extra storage and a satin ribbon to mark the page

Design Details

  • Variety of Popular Cover Designs

    The cover art, featuring some of the most popular designs from the Paperblanks library, inspires and delights.
  • New Kraft Covers

    Two designs, Ventaglio Rosso and Visions of Paisley Ivory, come in a new kraft cover material that is unique to our Flexis collection. The kraft covers offer naturalistic styling and an organic feel.
  • New Paperblanks Design

    Additionally, we have created a new version of our popular Black Moroccan design, called Black Moroccan Bold. Inspired by classic leather bindings, this stripped-down Bold cover has no foiling, creating a striking and monochromatic finish.

Available Designs

Black Moroccan



Filigree Floral Ivory



Black Moroccan Bold

Sun & Moonlight

Ventaglio Rosso Kraft

Visions of Paisley Ivory Kraft
Each design is offered in:
-Two size formats: Midi (130 x 180 mm / 5” x 7”) and Ultra (180 x 230 mm / 7” x 9”)
-Two page counts for every title and format: Standard (176 pages) and Expanded (240 pages)
-A lined interior format

Enjoy the freedom that comes with flexibility!